What is original gas escape valve?

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Most Swiss-style watches with waterproof features are equipped with drain valves, but I believe many of my friends don’t know what it does. So what exactly is a drainage valve?
When the diver works in the deep sea, most of the time is in the submarine. The air inside the submarine is a mixture of helium and oxygen. You may wonder why it is not a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, and why the submarine is inside. The air is different from the land. In fact, the pressure in the deep sea is much higher than that on the land. The high-density gas is used to balance the pressure inside and outside the submarine. Under high pressure, the nitrogen molecules will merge into the nerve cells. Anesthesia, medically useful for nitrogen anesthesia, interested friends can google their own information.
The molecular volume of helium is smaller than that of air, so in a high-pressure environment, helium will penetrate into the watch from the gap. When the submarine rises to the surface of the water, the external pressure is reduced. If the helium inside the watch is not released, the watch will be caused. The pressure inside and outside is unbalanced, causing the watch to burst, and the drain valve can quickly take out the helium of the case to ensure the safety of the watch.
There are two types of drain valves, one is manual and the other is automatic. Manual draining requires manual opening of the helium exhaust valve (a screw-like switch can be unscrewed)
The automatic draining device does not need to be manually operated. When the internal and external pressures are inconsistent, the excess helium inside the case is automatically eliminated.

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