puretime Swiss watch proper noun introduction

1 Case: The case is made of stainless steel. The function is to protect the precision movement of the watch. It ensures the normal operation of the watch. The case completely separates the movement from the outside world.

puretime Swiss watches proper noun introduction

2 Crown:crown is mainly equivalent to a lever, through which the position of the watch pointer can be adjusted. The previous semi-automatic machine provides the kinetic energy to the watch by turning the crown. The main function of the automatic mechanical crown is to adjust the position of the pointer and adjust the calendar.

3 Strap / Buckle: strap and buckle are mainly used to fix the watch on the wrist. Usually the strap is divided into metal and non-metal, which can be adjusted and disassembled.

4hands: The thickest needle is the hour hand, then the minute hand, then the second hand, and the watch tells us the current time by pointing to the Roman numerals on the dial.

5Crystal: crystal acts as a seal. Together with the case, it protects the internal movement of the watch. It is generally waterproof, imitation of moisture, and prevents external impact, mainly for protection. Since sapphire has very good wear resistance, it is very popular now with sapphire.

6dial: The dial carries the hands and calendar. The dial can be decorated in a variety of colors. The dial can indicate time using Roman numerals, Arabic numerals or even simpler bar markers.

7 lugs: Lugs are places where the case is attached to the strap or strap by using a metal spring strip.