Mechanical watch maintenance knowledge

Watches are indispensable for the wrists of many people, most of them are the most expensive objects on the body, and some are even more expensive than the car. Therefore, we must be careful and caring all the time. Even so, we will pay a very high maintenance cost due to the wrong operation and use. Today, I will teach you a set of watch maintenance knowledge.

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  • What is the waterproof logo?:Many people think that it is wrong to put the watch 30 meters waterproof to put the watch under 30 meters of water. The waterproof meter of the watch is obtained by pressure test under static conditions. In fact, 30-50 meters of waterproof only represents the life of waterproof, usually rain or splash water should be dried as soon as possible. More than 100 meters of water can really swim or play with water.
  • Can you take a waterproof watch to take a bath?:Resolutely not! The watch is waterproof, but it is not protected against hot water and steam. They will accelerate the aging of the watch’s waterproof ring and cause the watch to enter the water.
  • Is the waterproof performance of the waterproof watch lasting for life? :No, even if you have such a waterproof deepsea, you should properly replace the watch’s waterproof apron and wipe the waterproof oil to ensure the waterproof function of the watch.
  • How should the watch be fogged or infused?:Severe water intake should be sent to the watch shop for drying and maintenance immediately. The mirror is slightly foggy. You can wear the watch to wear it on the wrist, or let it shine in the sun. You can also use a heat source to dry it from a distance
  • Why is the watch subject to magnetism?:The watch movement is mostly made of metal parts, so it is easily subject to magnetic field interference and is magnetic. It should be kept away from magnetic objects such as computers, mobile phones and audio equipment
  • The performance of the watch is magnetic?:The magnetic watch will stop and go, and it is not allowed to wait for the situation. How to check if the watch is magnetic? Move the watch around the compass, and if the compass has a significant shift, the watch is already magnetized.
  • What should I do if my watch is magnetized?:When the watch is inadvertently magnetized, it should be sent to the professional watch maintenance point for degaussing. The process will only return to normal in a few minutes. The watch that has been subjected to magnetic therapy for a long time should be re-detected due to the serious magnetic stress of the movement. Wear it.
  • How to maintain a suede strap ?:Leather strap should try not to touch the water. If it is wet or splashed, it should be dried as soon as possible. If the wrist is sweating more, friends should clean the strap frequently. Wipe the strap with a damp towel or a towel and dry it. Leather straps should also be coated with some leather oil to moisturize the strap.
  • How to maintain metal strap?:The metal strap has a complicated structure and is easy to be contaminated. It should be cleaned regularly or the metal will oxidize and lose its luster. First remove the strap to prevent the meter from entering the water. Clean with a soft brush and water. Dry the water as soon as possible after cleaning. Dry the joints with a hair dryer
  • How to maintain the head and movement?:Watches and cars need regular maintenance. Under normal circumstances, watches that have been worn for 2-3 years need to be sent to a professional repair center for inspection and washing. The parts that have been cleaned and relubricated will make you feel like a new look.

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