How to maintain the puretime watch

puretime Breguet Queen of Naples series in rose gold watch

Puretime watch can be accompanied for a long time but also careful maintenance of the small card for everyone to share rough

 Resin strap:

Please pay attention

1 Avoid close to extremely high temperature and low temperature, avoid prolonged exposure

2 Avoid contact with corrosive liquids, such as nail polish, perfume

3 Avoid rubbing against colored objects and sharp objects

4Contact sea water or mire, rinse with water in time

✨About cleaning

Resin light-colored watches are also easy to stain and easy to dye, so they are inseparable from the care of small sweet potatoes.

General stains can be rubbed directly with an eraser

Severe stains can be used with Johnson & Johnson baby emollient oil, wipe with a cotton swab dipped in emollient oil

Inadvertently dyed color, you can use nano sponge to wipe directly with water

The above maintenance is clean and needs to be gentle~

Metal strap:


1 Avoid rubbing and bumping with sharp objects;

2 Avoid contact with corrosive liquids, such as nail polish, perfume

3 Avoid wearing during strenuous exercise

4 can be professionally polished and maintained

About cleaning

Use a soft and soft toothbrush and wipe the strap with soapy water.

Leather strap:


1 reduce wearing in the summer, sweating will affect the cortex, produce odor

2 Sweating, after drying, should be dried as soon as possible to avoid breakage or deformation

3 can be wiped with professional leather maintenance oil


  1. After sweating and water, wipe the belt with a soft cloth as soon as possible, and then dry it in a place protected from light and ventilation.
  2. Every 1-2 months, use a belt protector to wipe the surface of the strap to maintain the texture of the watch belt and enhance the gloss.