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Rolex MILGAUSS series: mechanical watches are actually the most “precious” watches, afraid of falling into the dust is more afraid of magnetism. However, this MILGAUSS series is a “fire-resistant” fire in the men’s circle. This is a pioneer in the performance of the anti-magnetic watch. The lightning-shaped second hand makes the 1000 Gauss magnetic force resist!

1 Rolex Yachts YACHTMASTER series: Whether it is a golden yacht or a silver yacht, this name sounds like a tall feeling, making people feel that this watch is not simple, as the world’s first mechanical machine The watch with countdown function, Rolex is always amazing!

2 rolex submarine SUBMARINER series: This is what we call the “water ghost” series, because this is not only waterproof, but also suitable for diving workers, there is also a “diving watch” nickname ~ also rotary The outer circle, calling him “water ghost” is really worthy of the name! From the launch of the fire in 1953 to the present, it is also very hot!

3 Rolex Sea makes SEA DWELLER series: The sea series is the plus of the submariner series. It is the father of “Water Ghost”, called “Water Ghost King”. Since the submariner can adapt to the bottom of two or three hundred, the new watch released in 1978. It has reached the depth of 1200m+, so the current ghost king can certainly reach a depth of several thousand!

4 Rolex Greenwich GMTMASTERII series: Can “sea” adventure has not been able to meet the development speed of Rolex, a “God” watch also appeared in front of the world ~ This Greenwich series is designed for pilots, the design is clever The second time hand (two places) is added to make it easier for the pilot to check the time between the two places. The unique 24-hour bezel is a classic classic! This one out, was robbed by the pilots of major airlines!

5 Rolex DAY DATE / log series: This is the flagship version of Rolex, is also the most classic and traditional style. To what extent is the classic? In every Rolex counter, it is an indispensable “town store treasure”, the outer ring is gear shape, the dial has a large calendar window at three o’clock, classic casting