puretime watch omega seamaster reveiw

intime watches Omega seamaster 300

There has always been a mechanical heart, and I am deeply infatuated with Rolex, but I am only a poor boy who is just over 30 years old. So I started to hide in the watch forum, looking for cockroaches, and saw Omega seamaster 300 tape, finished. Directly planting grass, sent it to a good friend, and pulled him down. It happened that he was on a business trip in Zhongshan for a few months, so he took a look at Hong Kong to see the heart, went to a trip, turned a dozen Omega stores, his character burst, he encountered a blue gold color tape, directly Take it down. At that time, my mood, envy and hate, but because of my own economic reasons, hesitated to let him book for me. After a short period of entanglement, I spent half a month. Every day I experienced the repeated photos of my friends to stimulate my fragile brain nerve cells, and finally decided to buy black gold color tape. So the good friend helped me to go to Macau to try my luck, but the watch was too hot. I was told that it took one to three months for the black gold color, and the black rose gold for one month. At that time, the friend was on a business trip in Zhongshan, afraid that I could not wait. I will be back in three months, so I will try my best and change the black rose gold. On April 3rd, I started waiting for one month. On May 3rd, the abominable Miss Venice said that because of the too many people booking this watch, I need to postpone it. My little heart is so embarrassing. Wait, wait, June 3, still not, finally on June 29 was told to arrive at the store on July 2. Excited heart, trembling hands. Waiting for three months, I finally got it on July 3. I did not expect the black rose to look very good, low-key domineering. Only with this feeling, my experience in planting grass and grass. I still need to work hard in the future to get the rubber didi

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