how to spot a fake gucci belt?

Identifying a Gucci Belt from Multiple Aspects
1 Generally, the straps of the original Gucci belts are leather (usually cowhide), and the leather is soft, but the replica gucci belt is hard, and some low-grade  gucci replica belts are even synthetic materials such as artificial leather or pvc. The original Gucci belt has no chemical smell. Fake gucci belt usually has a pungent taste. Each original gucci belt has its own serial number and can be found on the official website. The serial number consists of 6 Arabic numerals. The original The gucci belt serial number is clearly visible. If the serial number is found to be ambiguous, it must be a replica gucci belt. Generally, imitation brand manufacturers will design the belt width a few millimeters in order to save costs.
2 The original gucci belt buckle is generally made of copper or stainless steel. If you find that the belt buckle is an alloy material, it must be replica gucci.
3 The original Gucci belt package contains a box, a protective bag, an identification card, and an invoice. In order to save material costs, imitation brand manufacturers usually design the packaging box a few millimeters smaller.

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