Cartier the first watch in my life noob factory

Cartier, the first watch in my life
I have been fancy this early, but I haven’t started it. I’ve increased the price in the year I considered, and the European exchange rate has soared 8! !

Finally, I bought it at the domestic counter. The domestic official website can also find this blue balloon, the size is 33! The price is 42500 RMB! Because there are good friends working in the counters, after the transfer, the employees will be discounted by 7.5. There is only one chance in a year, so I will not hesitate to start! !

Hot-selling style, it’s worth a half-month

In fact, I don’t recommend matching jewelry, because it is really easy to scratch! It is recommended to take it alone…

✨ At the counter to buy, he will take the test very accurately, and the error is about 45 seconds before and after the time, both are accurate! I only need ten seconds to say that it is very good.

The sister-in-law will tell you about maintenance and other issues! Cartier blue balloon this, can only be waterproof daily, washing hands and the like does not matter, but soaking water, mistakenly into the washing machine late maintenance is very troublesome! Famous watches can not fall this point everyone should pay attention!

✨The counter is bought for 2 years warranty, and the polishing and repair of the watch is sent once… I am going to take the polishing check more than one year.

There is also a card, you have to take it out during maintenance, or you need to make a replacement card…

Oh, let’s share it with everyone and give it to my birthday.

Girls who work hard to make money will shine.