Audemars Piguet shopping review

My friend asked me before, if I can only buy a watch in my life, which one do I want to buy? I said Audemars Piguet. I have been buying Audemars Piguet’s watch for some time, and I haven’t started it because the UK’s pricing has no advantage. If the non-refundable price is even higher than the domestic price.

Target positioning: Audemars Piguet, gold watch, automatic machinery.

In fact, my height and weight are more suitable for the dial of 33mm, but 33mm is a quartz watch, 33mm is also the price of more than 200,000 yuan, I think it is worthless (do not spray, no malice, 33mm is also very beautiful) buy gold The reason for the table is that I already have a steel watch, I don’t want to repeat it, and I lived in London for the third year, and the aesthetics are a bit exaggerated. Under these few screening conditions, I finally chose Audemars Piguet’s 15454 Rose Gold Cream 37mm.

Price: £48,400

Unfortunately, Audemars Piguet experienced a round of price increases in October, the price increase of about 10%, this is not very good to buy, through friends asked three stores to have a spot, which Harold familiar SA directly told me Only next year. I can’t wait, but fortunately, in London, I opened a new Audemars Piguet store, and I decided to go, just beside the Hermès store on Solane Street. Note that this store does not have a Chinese shopping guide. Calculated at the current exchange rate of 9.1, it is 440,000 yuan.

About tax refund:

Note that this store does not accept sterling cash, Selfridges can accept up to 9,000 pounds of cash, but Audemars Piguet’s direct sales tax rebate is very strict, can only be purchased with the tax refunder’s card, the advantage is that it does not need a tax refund company, the tax rebate ratio is more than Others are higher,

About Frost Gold 15454 wearing experience:

The girl wears it is still very heavy (after all, it is a big gold watch, you know), the process of frost gold is very unique, the material of rose gold is the kind of soft flash, compared with the white gold material, if the skin color is partial Huang, I don’t recommend rose gold, it’s easy to color… In winter, I feel like a little sweater, everyone pays attention.