1. What is the cheapest Rolex watch you can buy?
    Are you looking for the best quality and cheapest Rolex watch?Maybe you also want to know where to buy the best quality Rolex watches at a cheap price.Our website puretime watches sells Rolex Submariner, Sky-Dweller,YACHT-MASTER II,YACHT-MASTEROyster Perprtual,Oyster,Milgauss,GMT-MASTER II,GMT-MASTER,Explorer II, Explorer,DeepSea,DAYTONA,DAY Date,DATEJUST,Cellini,Air ,puretime King,puretime watches prices ranging from 200 to 1000.We are the first-hand source of the factory to sell, so the middle price difference is saved. The Rolex watches are made of stainless steel and are very durable. The imported Swiss movement (long service life and accurate), high-grade sapphire glass mirror, scratch-resistant, anti-oxidation, acid-resistant , alkali resistance, no crack under high pressure,Each watch has an original product serial number, and there are professionals who use professional equipment to debug various functions before leaving the factory to ensure that the watch is flawless.
  2. How can you tell if a Rolex submariner is real?
    Puretime watch Rolex needs to compare from many aspects of the watch, the shape: such as weight, case size, overall color of the watch, strap size, buckle shape, literal logo, calendar window, detail to screw size, the most important Is the factory serial number of the watch, because the serial number of each watch is different.
    In terms of function: special equipment can be used to detect whether it has a helium valve function, whether it has deep sea pressure protection capability, and the degree of error of the watch every day.
  3. How accurate is the Rolex watch?
    Any watch can’t be every second. If you want the perfect puretime watch, you can choose quartz watch. The mechanical watch is constantly changing. There are many factors affecting the precision of the Puretime rolex watch, such as the environment of the watch. Whether the temperature is high or low, whether there is alternating current around, whether there is a magnetic field, the degree of environmental humidity, noise, altitude, and air pressure are all external factors. Therefore, advanced Swiss watches like puretime rolex will have waterproof, anti-pressure, anti-magnetic and other functions, in order to minimize the accuracy of the watch. Affect the puretime watch rolex. There are also internal factors in the accuracy of the watch. For example, when Winding is full, the precision is the best. Therefore, it is best to ensure that the accuracy of the watch is full. The automatic mechanical watch is also the same. If the power reserve is not enough, the error will be large when walking.



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